In simple terms the process known as dilapidations (or dilaps as they are usually abbreviated to and called by in the trade), occur when a Landlord and a tenant have taken out a Lease agreement and the Lease has come to an end or the tenant / business owner has decided to leave the premises. The Landlord naturally requires the building to be left in a suitable condition for him to re-rent, and as set out within the terms of the original Lease and any other Licences that may have been issued. This might well involve considerable internal and external refurbishment work to restore the premises to their original condition and layout and it is often the case that disputes can arise as to what constitutes “original condition”. We work very hard to ensure that this type of undertaking is carried out effectively but with cost very much in mind, so that all parties involved are satisfied with the end result.

As always it is of the utmost importance that safety on all the sites we work on is always given full priority. At TJ Hall we go to great lengths to ensure this happens every time.

Every project we undertake is carefully planned, with a Risk Assessment and Method Statement being drawn up and followed closely. At the start of each project these are clearly communicated to each operative during their site induction. We work closely with our clients when working on site to ensure we not only comply with our own Health & Safety Standards but also those of our clients.

TJ Hall are experienced in providing a full dilapidations service for both tenants and landlords as the case may be. This service covers the industrial, commercial, and residential sectors throughout the UK.  We have a growing reputation and are well-respected as leading contractors in this activity predominantly of commercial and industrial properties and in full compliance with industry best practices and modern environmental standards.

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