Partitions & Mezzanines


We provide high quality partitioning systems for a multitude of purposes.

  • Steel faced Industrial systems

Double Skin systems- de-mountable and re-locatable metal faced panels forming self-supporting enclosures. Ideal for “clean room” applications with HVAC and fire rated up to 1 hour. Options include sound reduction, double glazing, anti-static and bio-coated paint finishes, skirting and ceiling systems.

Single Skin systems- more suitable for harsh environments, solid or mesh providing secure storage and screening.

  • General Purpose systems

Ideal systems for requirements such as storage, washrooms, cubicle/IPS systems. Manufactured as dry wall, aluminium or timber constructions. Silicone jointed, and single or double glazed options available. Integral windows and blinds systems and with 30 minutes or 1 hour fire ratings.


These can often provide the easiest solution for providing extra space within a given building. For example, they can offer you additional storage space, office or workshop accommodation, meeting or conferencing areas, rest rooms and canteens.

  • Flexible Design and efficient use of space available
  • Free-standing steel constructions, easy to extend or re-locate
  • Single or multi-tiered options
  • Staircases, access lifts or hoists easily incorporated

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