Commercial Building Refurbishment & Restoration

TJ Hall have a very clear understanding of the importance of working to tight deadlines and budgets and this is particularly the case with commercial building refurbishment or restoration work. Our continuous drive to improve efficient use of time and material resources is always there to be seen no matter how large or small the project. We have the capability of managing the work on very large projects in the commercial, industrial and public sectors and take these in our stride, but also take the smaller more private projects on board and take these equally seriously.

At TJ Hall we go to great lengths to ensure that site safety is always of the utmost importance and is given full priority at all times.

Every project we undertake is carefully planned, with a Risk Assessment and Method Statement being drawn up and followed closely. At the start of each project these are clearly communicated to every operative during their site induction. When working on site we ensure we not only comply with our own rigorous Health & Safety Standards but also those of our clients.

TJ Hall has an established and a growing reputation as a leading contractor in building refurbishment and restoration predominantly of commercial and industrial properties and in full compliance with industry best practices and modern environmental standards.

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